This is how you surprise a friend away from home.


Traces has been featured by Apple and got 5 stars reviews by Wired, New Scientist,
GigaOm and CNET. This is how they liked Traces

newscientist"This is an absolutely cracking idea"

wired"It's as if the messages have been etched on the air."

gigaom"Geolocation meets messaging meets augmented reality meets tech brains everywhere exploding."

cnet"Leave digital surprises in real-life locations"

What is Traces Traces: memories floating in real world locations

Break the internet noise. With Traces you can leave and share memories in the shape of photos and videos and tie them to real world location where they will live forever. No more social platforms, no more follower bases to build, no more likes and cat videos. It’s just you, the people you love and meaningful shared memories.

SO MUCH YOU CAN DO A memory can be something old you just found deep in a drawer, or something cool that just happened and you know it’s gonna be a special memory forever.

  1. Create Memories Night out with friends? Snap a photo and leave it where you are. It will be a future memory in no time.
  2. Celebrate Celebrating a special occasion with your loved ones? Take a video and let it digitally float forever where it all happened. It will be such a wonderful memory to have, and only the people you want will have access to it.
  3. Remember Someone you know is living far away? Surprise them by sending a photo or a video to their favourite location, or outside their new house or why not, at their office! They will love it!

JOIN THE LOVE What others say about Traces

  • ***** WillJD55 It’s like a much more interesting version of snapchat. All of the features work well, and it’s easy to use - you can get going immediately. Leaving music is a particularly nice idea. This app breaks up the monotony and impersonal nature of most social media. It’s nice to have an optional feature which allows the person receiving a trace to ‘stumble’ upon it. If it was kept secret, and they only got an alert when they passed close to the location.
  • ***** LunMa Great app, I love finding things around me left by friends or strangers and I love placing photo and videos all nigh over the world for everyone to find. Really cool. I also like commenting other people’s traces…it’s a new level of engagement!
  • ***** EddieBo14 I am not massive fan of social media, but the fact that these messages are personal and private, and so linked to the location you see them in, makes it such a unique exciting app!
  • ***** sc0396 Great to be able to leave hidden messages for friends to pick up, music feature is particularly good, worked brilliantly in London on 3d map!
  • ***** plumcheek Now I am looking into the world again. Finding the little bubble is the best feeling. Words can’t say. Amazing thank you thank you!
  • ***** Socmediasceptic I don’t use Facebook Twitter or Instagram and I’ve sent my wife 3 little traces in two days…it’s just give give give!
  • ***** Purgedoom It’s a good thought. Although it’s a bit rubbish if no one you know has it, as you can’t do public Traces :/
  • ***** Vantheman880 Left a beautiful song in our favourite spot for my girlfriend to discover
  • ***** GazzTrain It’s like going on a digital treasure hunt. Beautiful designed app.
  • ***** MrYvonne Woop Woop! I have never seen anything like it. So GOOD
  • ***** Feathered things This is so cool. T sent my boyfriend on a treasure hunt of videos. He loved it!
  • ***** ar8820 Have a go. Great fun.
  • ***** Conroy24 This is a fun and ingenious app
  • ***** SkyDrgn It’s amazing…
  • ***** Indiwasi Brilliant!


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